Your Credit Info Is For Sale!

        Do you receive hundreds of unsolicited junk mail pieces from credit cards, insurance or mortgage companies? There’s a good explanation for it! Credit bureaus make more money “selling” your credit profile to these major companies than by simply collecting credit report fees.

For example, a major credit card company can buy a list on any type of criteria (credit score, area of the country, how many credit cards you carry) and send you solicitation letters to transfer or open an account with them. (Have you ever wondered why the balances quoted in the letters are mysteriously close to the balances you carry?)

And it’s perfectly legal for the credit bureaus to sell your information – unless you do something about it.

You have the option to “opt-out” from having your data “sold” by calling the


They will ask you a series of questions and you have the option to opt-out for either 5 years or permanently. It’s a clearinghouse of sorts and will report your request to the 3 major credit bureaus. Protect your privacy and call immediately!

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